Average Monthly Temps

  • April - 84 / 62
  • May - 88 / 67
  • June - 90 / 73

The forecast is for GREAT weather!

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Fun Tip

When going through J.N."Ding" Darling Wildlife Refuge take the time to check out the Wulfert Keys Trail. This oft overlooked area will give you fantastic views of Hard Working Bayou and don't be surprised if you spot dolphin or manatee!
Shelling Tips

There are more species of miniature shells than there are larger ones. Many are so small they can only be seen with a magnifying glass and collectors find them by sifting through sand at high magnification. Some collectors seek the baby specimens of large shells. Lighthouse Beach is especially popular for miniatures.

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Island Happenings

It's Almost Turtle Time!
May 1 through October 31 is sea turtle nesting season. There are two types of sea turtles that nest on Sanibel and Captiva; the Loggerhead, which is a threatened species and the endangered Green.

Every year during this time, the females return to the same beach they hatched from (up to five times in a season) to lay between 50 and 175 eggs. Lights, raccoons, loud noises, humans, dogs and even some storms have been known to scare her off. Frightened females will return to the water and try at another time but it takes a great deal of energy to come ashore again so soon.

Approximately 55 - 60 days later the hatchlings dig their way out of the nest at night and head to the Gulf.

The Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) has provided important guidelines for all of us who visit and live on the islands:
  • Please keep lights near the beach off or shielded, this includes closing your drapes. Artificial lighting confuses nesting females and hatchlings. Disoriented by light, the babies wander to the light and away from the Gulf.
  • Pick up toys and chairs on the beach and fill in any holes you may have dug. Adults and hatchlings can become entangled or trapped.
  • Please pick up any litter but especially plastic and styrofoam you see in the water or on the beach. These are frequently mistaken by the turtles for one of their favorite foods - jellyfish.
  • Stay well clear of marked nests.
Together, we can help make this a successful season.

If you are on the beach in the early morning hours and see a white jeep marked 'Turtle Patrol' stopped, be sure to wander over and watch. They are most likely marking a nest or digging one up to protect it. If the nest is dug up, the hatchlings will be returned and released from the same area.

Fun Turtle Facts:
- Eggs are about the same size as ping pong balls, but much softer. The shells remain soft and rubbery until they are exposed to air. This allows the eggs to fall into the nest (and land on the other eggs) without breaking.
- Hatchlings are only about 2 inches long and it takes them 2-3 days to dig out of their nest.
- Young turtles spend several years at sea before returning twelve to fifteen years later to the beach where they were born.

Turtle Tracks on the beach, called a 'crawl'       A female loggerhead burying her nest       Loggerhead hatchlings      

From the Forum
Our Message Board remains a VERY popular addition - many folks wake up to it daily, logging on to see what's new in their favorite vacation spot and taking a little armchair trip to the islands over coffee.  Come 'Dream' with us at BestofSanibelCaptiva.com!

A quote from a recent visitor:

"Thank you to everyone for all your postings that helped us choose to vacation in Sanibel.....We couldn't have asked for a more perfect trip and I can't wait to go back!!!!"

Cruising the Islands
Some of the most frequently asked questions on the Message Board have to do with taking a cruise; "Is it worth the time/expense?", "Is this cruise appropriate for families?" and "Who should I go with?".

If you are looking for a fantastic time on the water, Captiva Cruises is the way to go! Their cruises offer something for everyone and are sure to be a highlight of your trip. They offer several different cruises.

Everyone loves the Dolphin Watch Cruise. There is nothing more exciting than seeing these beautiful creatures jumping just mere feet away. This is a perfect family cruise. On-board narration is provided by the SCCF. We recommend that once the boat leaves the channel that you go down to the lower rear deck. This is the spot where you will be closest to the dolphin as they leap completely out of the water. Unforgettable !!!

Relax and let your worries sink into the sea, right along with the sun on the Sunset Serenade Cruise. Live music is featured on this cruise and most evenings, island musician Danny Morgan is the featured performer. There is a cash bar for cocktails. We recommend this cruise for couples. While families are more than welcome, this cruise is a romantic, relaxing trip and children will be bored.

The Beach & Shelling Cruise goes to North Captiva or Cayo Costa which are only accessible by boat. You have 2 - 4 hours to shell, swim and explore before returning. These cruises are good for families who want a "deserted island" experience. Shelling isn't necessarily any better than what you would find on Sanibel, but because there is little competition you may come back with some real treasures. Be sure to bring snacks and drinks, as there are no facilities on these state park islands.

A Lunch Cruise to Cabbage Key or Useppa is a great outing by water. Funky Cabbage Key is fun for families, with its live ducks, dollar-bill-covered walls and ice cream. If you can, make the climb to the top of the water tower where fantastic views await. Upscale Useppa is a lovely destination for adults to enjoy a quiet lunch in beautiful surroundings.

Reservations are required for all cruises and are accepted only one week prior to the cruise date.

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