Sanibel & Captiva Tide Charts

Looking for seashells on Sanibel and Captiva Island is a favorite activity on our beautiful islands and Sanibel is rated as one of the Top Three best shelling beaches in the world.

The best time for shelling on Sanibel is at low tide: the lower, the better. Winter months yield more shells than summer, thanks to the northwest winds at that time of year. Low tide after a winter storm is ideal.

Sanibel Island SunsetPrint out your tide chart below and remember to pack it. As with all things, you’ll find the hunt is every bit as enjoyable as the find.

While there are no guarantees you’ll find shells in any one place or time…patience, a little knowledge and low tide increase the odds of victory. Know that luck is perhaps more important than any tricks of the trade.

Our chart is calculated for Point Ybel (Lighthouse Point).
To determine tides in Ding Darling, calculate for Lighthouse Pointe, then add 1.5 hours for the eastern portion and 2 hours to the western-most portion of the Refuge.